Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crazy fun at the ZOO!

Our trip to the Zoo was crazy fun!!! Ava really enjoyed the animals. She has been before, but this time she knew some of the animals and understood them! I truly believe that things are seen a different way when you experience them for the first time with your child. It was pure JOY to see her light up when the animals would come near us! Everything was so exciting for us both! Ava drank her "zoo cup" drink every chance she got!!!

You can almost feel her excitment in this picture!

Sam and William ran from one animal to the next. It was tough to keep up...they were having a blast!

Katie and Caroline were so sweet. Ava enjoyed actually having a girl around...she has all in- town boy cousins!!!

Snack break...Ava had cranberries! YUMMY!!!

The Elephants were one of her favorites. I think because they were HUGE to her!!!!

Check out the amusement...SO SWEET!!!

Someone's starting to get tired...

The Giraffes were cool because you can feed them right out of your hand.

The biggest challeng of the day...keeping Ava in her seat. Oh well, I'll take that any day! It was worth it!!!

Me and the "Punkin" enjoying each others company.

Almost completly "Pooped",
But not yet ready to go...

This would be the "CRAZY" I was talking about!

Sarah's mommy madness face! Real cute Sarah, real cute!!!

More standing up...

Henry loves being tossed around...the consequence of having an older brother! Look at that adorable face!

More drink....this eventually made it in her least we were headed to the car!

She was one happy baby...

The Happy Henster made two happy babies!!! That alone makes going to the ZOO worth it!!!

We had a wonderful time!!!! Let's do that again real soon!!! God's creation is so amazing! Especially, when you see it in your childs eyes while they experience it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a blast this past weekend with a bunch of family in town. We had a big lunch on Sunday and an Easter egg hunt after we ate...and ate...and was great!

Here is Ava finding her first Egg!!!

Chris's twin brother Michael and his wife Martina came in on Saturday. Here are their two children with Ava swinging in our hammock and hanging with our neighbors, "doggie" Eddie.

Brianna (Left), Ava, and William (right)

The cousins had a great time together it was so sweet!

Ava and Brianna were so playful with one another. It was so precious to watch them interact!

"Yanna" riding "Muffin"

Lunch was great...people were in the dining room, the den and the living room!
As my dad would say, "The more the merrier"!

William and Sam acted like long lost BFF's. We are so blessed to have fun loving children.

Our next door neighbors daughter, Isabella, hunting for eggs. Aren't those blonde curls adorable!

Ava enjoyed looking for the eggs...but, wasn't so good at keeping up with them. It was HILLARIOUS!

Notice she just put them on the deck, where every other kid kept thinking he had found the jackpot!


Sarah and Henry (8months) He looked adorable! Notice he and Sam have on matching outfits! So CUTE!!!

Eventually, Ava lost interest in the Egg Hunt....she was found hunting a ball!

After a while everyone pitched in...

Two"Pooped" little Angel's!

Sam and Henry's photo session for Gammie to get to see their Easter Outfits! How handsome are these two?!!!

Ava ate her cupcake so fast that she proceeded to look for others that weren't being watched close enough...

Brianna wasn't far behind...

See the remains...that cupcake didn't stand a chance!

"Yanna" and Martina...what a great shot! BEAUTIFUL!

Joel, Katie, Sarah, Steven and Baby Cooper stopped by as well! Isn't this a good looking crowd!

Thank you, everyone for making our Easter so special! We had a wonderful time getting to enjoy one another and make new memories! We are overwhelmed with the blessings that the Lord has given us. Family is our greatest gift!

Those of you who know Chris's Grandpa ("Grandpa Stirrat") please keep him in your prayers. He was in the Hospital on Easter and was missed greatly. He is home now but, still battling cancer very courageously. Please remember him on your prayer list!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Special Dress...

When we woke up from our nap today there was something on the front door...As soon as Ava saw it she said, "OOOOOHHHHH"! It was so sweet how excited she was. It was a Very Special Dress that our dear friend Lilla Ann hand made for Ava! We quickly put it on and had a photo session! How blessed we feel to have such wonderful friends to treat us so special. Can you tell how much Ava loves being a girly, girl...I think she felt very pretty!
I love all the beautiful pearls around the neck!
She worked so hard putting each one on this summer when she worked on it at our lakehouse.

Thank you so much for our "Special Dress" Lilla Ann. You are so gifted and we are very blessed to have you and your wonderful family in our lives!