Sunday, February 24, 2008

Slumber Party!!

Sam spent the night last night (Saturday) and we had a blast! It is tradition when Sam spends the night to have a "pillow fest" on Sunday morning. Not to be confused with a "pillow fight", "pillow fest" is when we pile all the pillows on the bed and let the kids go crazy to music. (sometimes Chris and I join in!) Here you will see the PURE JOY that we experience!

Sam always does electric guitar...

Now Ava does Electric guitar is so cute how she copies him!

Then it was on to bath time, so that no one had cooties for church. We decided to do mohawks to keep things CRAZY. Why not have a theme???
Sam looked hillarious because he was also sporting a skull tatoo from, none other than, his Gammie...MY MOM! Please, mom, don't send these kinds of tatoos to Ava!!!
Ava with her Mohawk and Rattail...remember those??? Glad those are gone...Hopefully for good!

What a pair...PRICELESS!!!

All this with just a little Johnson & Johnson!

Thanks for coming Sam we love you!!!

Cooper comes to visit!!!

As most of you know my cousin Sarah had a baby. "Cooper" decided that he was coming 6 weeks early....Surprise! It's like I have always said, "If you want to hear God laugh ,tell him YOUR plans." 9 about 7.5? Luckily, Sarah and Steven are Christians, so they know how to lean on God and have a sense of humor! Therfore, Sarah and Steven and their new family are doing great! They transitioned into parenthood (with a baby in the hospital for a week) with such GRACE! It is always inspiring to see people being carried in Gods hands with such a since of peace and understanding. It is amazing how God gives you what you need RIGHT when you need it!

The ADORABLE Cooper! Finally, at 5 weeks I got to hold this "little peanut". It reminded me so much of Ava. Being a premie most babies don't give me the feeling of holding my little one...but peanut, (being a premie) brought back all the memories! They were the exact same height and weight at birth!!!

Fun on my new toy!!!

A new toy was given to Ava (to borrow) from cousins, Sam and Henry, and boy was it a hit!!!
Henry can't quit join in on the "Little Climber", but he still got plenty of attention!
Pure JOY!!!
The "Henster's" serious look...I always wonder what he is thinking???
Maybe it's...."HELP"!!!
SO much lovey fun!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ava and Sam

Our daughter has a love for her cousin Sam that is nothing less than complete adoration! She cries when he leaves her sight, stares at him with constant interest, and rushes me to get her dressed and ready to go if I mudder the words..."Lets go see Sam". Chris and I "pick" that one day we will have to break her heart when we tell her that he can't be her boyfriend. We feel so blessed to be close to other cousins. I know growing up that was extremely important to me...we still get together and tell stories about each other. Hopefully, one day our children will be as fortunate to have such deep roots!

Kid Crazy!!!

Sarah and Henry "Chillin" with us at Leaping Lizard!

Today Sarah, my sister-in-law and I met Martina my other sister-in-law at Leaping Lizards. It is this awesome place for kids to run around and go crazy. It has everthng a kid (or the occasional parent) would want to play with or on! The parents can join in...which is fun, fun, fun, and exhausting too!Our niece Brianna was so cute hugging on the big baseball. I am sorry to say most of my pictures from this adventure did not turn out...SORRY!

Ava had a huge fasinaction with the toy fruit! Everytime I would find her to get a picture she was eating it...nasty! It might not be a fasination; it might be that my very small, (19lbs) little angel likes to eat. However, it is not good to let the "little ones" suck and chew on the things that 5 billion other children have been handling during cold and flu season...But she is so cute trying and trying to eat that fruit!!! Here she is trying to peel the Banana. Not that, that has ever stopped her from eating it!!!

Again, studying why the peach won't give in...
Now moving on to the veggies!!! Can't say mommy didn't teach her to love fruits and veggies!!!
Ava loved every minute of jumping with Aunt Martina!
Today, was one of those days that being a Mommy almost makes you feel guilty for being so blessed. Ava is beautiful and I cherish every minute with her and her daddy! To see the joy that she experiences from just the smallest things is so INSPIRING! I love this job.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Few Good Ones...

Here are some good ole family Pictures taken from December to now...
I got fussed at by my cousin (Sarah) for not having updated the blog lately. I will get back into the swing of things now that the new year is settling down.
"Fluffy bunny" and "fuzzy peach" cute! How is it that Sarah and I love these two so much??? They are crazy and when combined, Lethal!

Sarah my sister-in-law is a MEGA MOM!
Henry (6months) (16 lbs.)
Ava (16 months) (19 lbs.)
Can you believe they are this far apart in age???

Two of our adorable nephews!!!

Ava loves her cousin Henry...I think she thinks she is his mother!!!

"The Laughing Henster"

Ava mothering Henry again....The reason Henry looks so perplexed is because we later figured out that Ava was stuffing her food into his car seat when we weren't looking!?* There was so much Ham under his arm he could of used it for an armrest!!! Children...Ha Ha!!

The cutie cousins Ava and Brianna. I tried 4 times to get both of them with their eyes open. Obviously, NO LUCK!

I love this picture of Ava with my Grandmother Markie!

Uncle John and Aunt Wim make a great couple!

So do these two crazy lovebirds!!!!

Ava with her favorite toy from Santa. Chris and I have named it "The Princess Mobile"!

Can you feel the LOVE!!!
Hope everyone is doing well and having a great 2008!!!
The Majures