Thursday, July 19, 2007

This weeks events...

Chris's brother Michael and His family came into town on Friday. We had so much fun, just hanging out and catching up with one another. Our nephew William loved playing on our new hammock.

My "hottie biscottie" of a husband. I will cherish him all the days of my life!!!

Ava (10 months), checking out her cousins,
William (2 1/2 yrs) and Brianna (7 months).

Brianna checking out Ava. The girls were so cute...they would study one another and react to one another. Touching each others toes and feet was very interesting to them.

Brianna was such a joy. She is a cuddle bug!

Next up for the week, was Sarah's baby shower. Lilla, Wimberly and I threw it for her on Sunday, at Nonnah's.
It was a ton of fun and everyone is looking forward to little Henry's big debut in 6 weeks!!!

Then, there was a photo shoot with Avadoll in her new outfit from aunt Ruthie. Ruthie keeps my child looking good! Thanks aunt Ruthie!
We like to call this one....LOLLI -POP -GIRL!

Ava looking out the bay window in the kitchen at our cat, Maddie Mae.

How cute are those chunky thighs!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun For the Fourth!!!

Auntie Sha Sha (and cousin Henry due 8-22-07) with Ava.
For the Fourth and my Birthday we went to our Lake house on Lake Wateree. We headed up there on Tuesday and stayed until Sunday. (7/3-7/8) We had a blast! Here is the proof...

Little Monkeys or as we say "Little Monx".

Aunt Wimberly laughes with such expression it makes you laugh with her!
My dad was that way too! It's contagious!

The Fish Jedi!

Beauty and the Beasts!!!

Here is some patriotism for you...via Sam.

The lake looked beautiful with everything blooming!

Aunt Wim "just chillin".

More Fun...

The name of our boat is "Forget about it" and I would say that is what we did!

Our Beautiful Babies on the Boat!

Wierdos...I am not sure who these two guys were?

Bad to the Bone!!

Our Angel Baby...she is our perfect piece of heaven. She brings joy to our hearts. We had such a good time watching her enjoy the little things like the wind in her hair on the boat.

Sam eating his snack, taking a break in his rocking chair. Lovin life...

See what I can you not take joy in that expression!
Such a happy Punkin Puss!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Just a few recent Precious Moments!!!

Ava in her new outfit that her Godmother gave her. She loved playing with the bows on her shoulders. Thanks for being so special Aunt Ruthie!!!

Do you think she likes being cute?

Andrew, Sam, Chris and Ava. Two of the worlds best dad's!

Punkin in her pool! FUN, FUN, FUN!