Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caroline's Big Day!

Ava's friend Caroline turned THREE this weekend!!!! We were invited to her Birthday party at a farm. We got to ride horses, feed animals and even go on a hay ride! The children had a blast! Here are a few pictures capturing the joy!!!

When Ava saw the horses it was pure bliss!!!

I love this little girls red hair! I am a softie for redheads!

Isn't Ava getting to be such a big girl!

When we got around the animals was the first time she wanted to hold daddy's hand.The rest of the party she was so independent.

Obviously, Ava had other things on her mind when daddy took this picture...

Caroline and her cousin were so sweet with one another! How adorable is this!

Who knew Ava would be such a country girl? She loved everything on the farm...including the "cone cones". She did not get that from her mommy.

The Birthday Girl!!!

Caroline and her cousin did everything together. It was very sweet. I was so impressed when they jumped up on the horse and took off, with no fear at all!

Next, was time for the hay ride and to go see the animals! Ava loved every minute of it!!!

The bunnies where her that sounds more like her mommy!

Thank you Caroline, for such a wonderful time on the farm!
Happy Birthday!!! We love you!