Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Picture 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our family and friends!
Love in Christ,
Chris, Anna and Ava (13months)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carolina or Clemson??

We had a packed house for the Carolina - Clemson Game!
Things ended tragically but fun was still had by all...

This is the only portion of the crowd that I could get in the picture. We have a 47" TV in the den and we put a 32" in the kitchen. There were people everywhere. (And no one missed a beat!)

What a cutie looking at the presents with her precious bunny outfit...I could eat her with a spoon!!!

Mrs. Briggs and Sam were so cute snuggling one another all night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One boy and One Girl...

Three years ago today I married the love of my life...

Chris and I like to call it "Marital Bliss" when we feel so blessed to have one another that..."Our cup runeth over..."
So, here is to the rest of our lives in "Marital Bliss"!
I love you my wonderful husband!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Party 2007

Tonight was so much fun!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.
Spending time with them is priceless!

Chris, Ava , Sam and I posed for a picture before the kids went to do some trick or treating.
Ava made it to 3 houses and called it a night.
She was worn out...being a cute, ladybug is rough!

Sam made an excellent pirate!

Ava loved her outfit! Thanks Gammie...I will cherish this cute picture forever!
It was a great first Halloween! She was adorable!!!

Julia Kososki was also adorable. How cute is this baby chick!

Sarah and Jim stoped by too. We love spending time with them!

Julia and her mommy, Leah, are so precious together.
Her daddy has the perfect nickname for her..."Sweet One".
How fitting for such an Angel!

And of course...we can't forget the Henster. He was the cutest Horse you have ever seen! I guess he could pretty much make any outfit look cute. Look at those fat just want to pinch him! However, you have to get him out of Paula's hands first!

This was the sweetest thing. I was trying to take a family picture with Andrew, Sarah, Sam, and Henry and little Julia wanted to be next to the baby. So she jumped right into Sarah's lap and just played like she was a Todd! I have to say she has a great personality! What a cute picture a pirate, a baby chick and a horse...those other two are total "goobers" and they are not in costum!
Thanks everyone for coming! We had a blast!
Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here are a few things that have kept me busy this month...
How cute is this ladybug costum Gammie (my mom) got for Ava for Halloween! You will see more of these pictures after tomorrow...
She loves everything about being a ladybug!!!

We also had the fair in town... so we divided and conquered...3times!

Daddy and his girl!

Mommy and the Punkin!

Here is Ava on the only ride she could handle this year...wait till next year!

Also, we have had football parties! Here is Julia Kososki all dolled up to support those Gamecocks!!! (I love her dress!!! It is smocked with a gamecock!)

Chris's cousins were in town to visit as well. We had a blast at a concert at the fair with them! I love it when they come and visit; they are very special! I hope we can visit again soon!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's my party!

We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful year
with our Punkin Puss! Here she is
having a little pre-party afternoon fun!!!

Gotta love the monogramed shirt from Mrs. Briggs!

Pre-party table soon to be full of goodies!

Mommy and the Birthday Princess...she wasn't excited at all!

Let the fun begin...with Randy digging in...

The pre-party table...Aunt Paula did the flowers...they were gorgeous!
Why does everyone always flock to our kitchen even though the food is all in the dining room? Crazy how that always happens...

Sam provides pure entertainment. She had 1.5 guests. (Sam and Henry) Everyone else was there for support for mommy and daddy!

Sam loved blowing out the candles...
and Ava enjoyed watching him make a funny face just as much!

A quick family portrait before the cake was distroyed.
She smiled so BIG!!!!

Hum....I would say she loved the cake!!!
How she managed to still sleep 12 hours that night is beyond me.

She is climbing everywhere...even my coffetable is a playground!

Mommy and daddy's gift was a hit!

Every bow was just as exciting to her as the gift! Oh, the simple pleasures!

The books were also a big hit! She loves to read!

She was all smiles all night!!

Kisses goodnight to her new bestfriend!
(don't worry Sam she still thinks your #1)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9.26.07 Ava turns ONE!!!!!

It is hard to believe that our little Ava is turning 1!
Weighing in at 5lbs. and 5 ounces, she was four weeks early, and in the NIC unit for eight days. What a fighter! We have had the best year of our lives! Ava is now 18.2 lbs (still our delicate little angel) and moving all over the place. She cruises from object to object giving us the idea that she would skip crawling...until Friday... out of the blue...she started crawling everywhere! She has been given various nicknames from mommy and daddy. "Punkin Puss" is our choice name. However, "Sugar Lump", "Little Monx" (short for little monkey), "Angel Muff" (short for Angel Muffin), Poodle, and princess butterbean are just a few of the loving terms of endearment that we so frequently call our precious baby. Everyone around us thinks that it could not be cheesier! WE LOVE IT!!!
Anyway, hear are a few of the years favorites...
In the NIC unit on oxygen and a feeding tube. "Princess Butterbean"

Sleeping with lolly! "Angel Muff"!

"Princess butterbean"

"Poodle" in her Charleston Bonnet.

"Little Monx"

"Punkin Puss"

"Angel Muff"

"Sugar Lump"

Oh..."Sugar Lump" again!

" Little Monx"

Oh...I forgot..."Lolli-pop-girl"!!!
What a huge blessing to have been given such a gift!