Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9.26.07 Ava turns ONE!!!!!

It is hard to believe that our little Ava is turning 1!
Weighing in at 5lbs. and 5 ounces, she was four weeks early, and in the NIC unit for eight days. What a fighter! We have had the best year of our lives! Ava is now 18.2 lbs (still our delicate little angel) and moving all over the place. She cruises from object to object giving us the idea that she would skip crawling...until Friday... out of the blue...she started crawling everywhere! She has been given various nicknames from mommy and daddy. "Punkin Puss" is our choice name. However, "Sugar Lump", "Little Monx" (short for little monkey), "Angel Muff" (short for Angel Muffin), Poodle, and princess butterbean are just a few of the loving terms of endearment that we so frequently call our precious baby. Everyone around us thinks that it could not be cheesier! WE LOVE IT!!!
Anyway, hear are a few of the years favorites...
In the NIC unit on oxygen and a feeding tube. "Princess Butterbean"

Sleeping with lolly! "Angel Muff"!

"Princess butterbean"

"Poodle" in her Charleston Bonnet.

"Little Monx"

"Punkin Puss"

"Angel Muff"

"Sugar Lump"

Oh..."Sugar Lump" again!

" Little Monx"

Oh...I forgot..."Lolli-pop-girl"!!!
What a huge blessing to have been given such a gift!