Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Perky Girl!

I could not help but take pictures of Ava when she woke up today. She has had a virus for the last 48 hours, but she still managed to wake up in a cheerful mood!

She is always curious of her chunky toes. What are those things, how can I get them in my mouth???

I guess you could say that she is interested in EVERYTHING...
and how she can get it all into her mouth!

This is our "punkin puss" calling for mommy to come get her.
Naptime is over...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007: At our lake house on Lake Wateree with Family and Friends!

What a pretty and my "Gammie".
She is very special!

Godmother Ruthie was so much fun! She brought me a bunny outfit.

It is soooo cute!

Uncle John and I have matching red hair.
Can you tell we are related?

I love me some Aunt Lilla.
I hope I have her tan one day...highly unlikely, though, with my fair skin.

This float is so cool. I love the water!

Daddy time is PRICELESS!
I can't get enough of this man!!!
Mommy can't either!!!!!

Cousin Sam is my best friend.
No lake trip is complete without him!

Our precious, most beautiful treasure!
What a Blessing!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Avadoll Laughing With Mommy!

Ava in Pawley's

Ava giving Boo Bear some love while she waits.
Suited up and waiting on mommy and daddy to get everything ready for my first trip to the beach. I love my UV hat!

Ava and Cousin Sam looking at the ocean from our suite. They love to cuddle!

Sleeping Beauty

Kisses for "Lolly"!
We love watching our Avadoll curl up with her "Lolly"!