Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ava at Gammie and Grandpa Marvin's

Ava and I spent Sunday through Wednesday at Gammie and Grandpa Marvins. We had such a good time!!! Here are some pictures as proof.
Ava and Grandpa had a nightly ritual of Hammock time. She loved it...grandpa did too!

We realized Ava pretty much would float in the water because she was so relaxed. It was so much fun playing with her in the water!!!

Her eyes almost match the color of the pool!!!

Gammie and Ava hanging out on the porch. Her hat was so funny...we loved styling it different ways!

They have beautiful sunflowers. Ava was mesmerized with all the color!!!

Pretty girls!

This is moms labradoodle "MIZPAH" or Mizzy or pipa or el really depends on who you are as to what his name is.

Ava loved watching Mizzy through the french door.
She thought he was Crazy!!!
Somewhat true!!!

Ava loved the hammock.
I think she loves anything that is relaxing.

She had some carrots still on her face from dinner.

For those of you who haven't seen mom and Marvin's home in the Low Country here it is...

This is the front.
(As you pull down the Avenue)

Mom has a nightly ritual as well...she goes out to the garden and picks veggies for dinner.

The garden is beautiful! I loved having fresh veggies every night. And the house is covered with fresh flowers that she raised from seeds.

This is the view from the garden.
(Left side of the house)
Their flowers are georgous!
This is the back of the house.

Mom going inside after picking veggies.

Back where we started at the Ava, Grandpa Marvin ritual.
Hammock time is very special! We had a blast!
Thanks for the visit Mom and Marvin.
We miss you already!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Photo shoot...

My brother came over today to take some pictures of Ava at 9 months. While he was busy I managed to snap a few myself. Precious!!!

Notice her lip is blue, she managed to bruise it the day before he came for the shoot...oh well...she is still cute!

What an Angel!

Family Fun!!!

We had a bunch of family come to stay last weekend and this past week. It was a packed house! Lots of fun!!! This is Ava looking out the window while waiting for "Markie" (Anna's dads, mom) to arrive on Thursday. (Katie fixed her hair with this crazy bow!)

Ava and Markie
Ava was so excited to see her great grandma!!!

We also bought a new hammock for the backyard! Ava loves to swing. However, we relized she had had enough when she spit up bananas all over mommy. NOT SO COOL!

Fun with daddy!!! She loves him sooooo much!

Grandaddy Majure came to visit on Saturday and stayed until Friday. He and Ava adored one another. It was very touching!

Next, to visit was Aunt Yvonne, Cousin Terry, and the Hawkins boys. (Colby 5, and Riley 3) They showed up on Tuesday and stayed until Friday. Ava loved all the male attention from the Hawkins crew! On Tuesday Chris took the boys to the Zoo while the girls went shopping!

Riley loved that this ride made him as tall as Chris!

Everyone had lots of fun!!!

Even the seals enjoyed the pretty weather!

Where did all these boys come from??? Colby and Riley loved on Ava every chance they got. It was very sweet. They need a sister Terry!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A beautiful day at the park!

Ava loved playing on her blanket with Butterfly!

She wants to crawl so bad. She is getting closer and closer to getting up... Everyday we look forward to seeing what will happen during tummy time.

Our "punkin puss" is a happy girl!!!!

She loves watching cousin Sam play on the big boy stuff...

Back to butterfly....(check out those chunky arms!)

Sam playing hide and seek.

Found him!!!!!

Ava swinging with her Aunt Connor! She is here visiting and helping out for the week. They look so much alike. Ava loves time with her!!!

Sliding down the slide with Sam was great!!! We finally decided it was time to leave the park today when Sam came up and informed us that his batteries were dying. The kids were both pooped!

Ava took turns swinging with everyone.
Here she is with Aunt Sarah. She is very special!!!

Last, but not least, some love time on the swings with mom!