Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I NEED SUPPORT...Ava has grown up so much in the last few weeks that I am...FREAKING OUT!! It is way, way, way to fast! She is talking all the time and is so much more active. I am not sure if I can handle the "change". It's like my BABY turned 40 overnight. She likes climbing trees now and she brings me flowers (even if they are fake) and she colors...the list goes on...I know that I am supposed to "raise her", but is anyone opposed to me stiffling (sp?) the growth???? Really??? What is a mom to do about the precious time she has being so limited? I know, I know...enjoy where you are and take it all in...She is just such an amazing blessing! So precious! My cup runneth over! In EVERY direction! Literally sometimes!

Our families love for Riverbanks Zoo!!!!

My step-sister, Catherine, came to Columbia this past weekend with her children for some good old family fun. We had such a wonderful time. We took her 3 kids, our other nephew and Ava to the Zoo. The kids and the parents had a blast!!! Here is the proof...most of these images need no comment....just enjoy the show!
I will have you notice that Sam and Ava are wearing sunglasses before we enter the zoo...but neither child is wearing them out of the zoo. Both pair of sunglasses never made it out of the zoo. Some monkey is "chillin" in pink glasses with purple lenses, and it's not Ava!!!

It's as if they are having a telepathic conversation...

I call this shot "To Cool For School"!

The bird feeding was by far my favorite part, the kids went crazy!

Ava was so ADORABLE watching the "fissshhh". She would have stayed for hours, had we let her. We had to pry her and Ella off the glass!

Question: Why is the cow licking Chris's arm??? YUCK!!!

The color of the flamigos was amazing! It's my new fav!

As cool as feeding the giraff was for Ella...when asked by her grandmother if she had fun this weekend she replied, "Yah, I saw an elephant go poo"! Note to self: As a parent...do not freak out about the smell of elephant poop. It simply makes for more drama!

One shoe in the flamigo pond, two pair of missing sunglasses, and 15 stops to the restroom later we left having had a wonderful time and all needing a good nap! Catherine, Thank you for coming to visit! We love you and I am so blessed to really have you be family now!!! It still is crazy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is Summer Here Yet?

Our lake house is so beautiful this time of year...I can't wait to experience it with the family! So much has changed since last year...Ava is going to love the water even more...she is just as READY for "Summer Time" fun as mommy and daddy!

Looking Back on......."STILL WATERS" 2007

Ava ready to swim...7-2007

Daddy daughter fun in the sun....

This would be two of the things that have changed...Sarah is no longer pregnant, and Ava isn't the baby anymore..."Baby Henry" is...

I can't wait to spend time doing nothing more than this...

"Still Waters" is the name of our lakehouse...a very fitting name. I was stubborn for years and didn't like the Lake....It took me to long to appreciate what it would be for my family. However, now I realize the blessing we have, and I really feel that it is HOME! I guess you could say..."I am ready to go home for the summer"...What a special gift!