Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Avadoll" turns TWO!!!!

Our little princess, Ava, turned TWO this weekend! So, we decided to have a small family party to celebrate! Turns out, I had tons of fun making pink and white food! Soooo, girlie girl it was...
Also, her party fell on the same day as a USC home game so we decided that we should make it a game party too! Soooo, boyish it was too...that meant...48 pink and white cupcakes, lots of pink and white yogurt covered pretzels, sugar cookies with pink "A's" and white pooka dots, chilli, cornbread, bbq...and lots of family later...we had a BLAST!!! Some kids even got to stay up till 10 o'clock! Here is a look into our weekend JOY!!!

I can't believe that she is TWO! It hurts to think how fast this journey went...everyone tells you, but you don't understand it until it happens to you. I treasure these moments now more then ever!

Okay, I could have never of guessed what a hit the slinkies would be. They were actually in the gift bags...but all the kiddi-poos needed their own toy so we busted them out early. Even the adults were playing with slinkies! I think I saw my brother John trying to steal Ava's as he left. John you should know better!

Cooper and Henry were so cute in their overalls. They were game ready! Go Gamecocks!

Ava loves her "BIRTHDAY PRINCESS" hat! Who wouldn't if you looked that cute in it!

Some family shots...

These two people make my heart ache...

Birthday Bliss...

Ava was in cupcake heaven...she actually had three cupcakes....I mean it was her birthday. We just figure it was like a really awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner! Okay, this is not the best picture of me, but you have to see how she eats cupcakes...face first into the icing! I love it!!!!

OVERJOYED...that would be what I call Ava's reaction to every gift!

Henry approved all of the toys for safety!
This ones Good!

This would be the "cupcake heaven" that I was referring to!!!!

And this would be the pink and white Girlie part I was talking about!

Can you tell how these two got such a cutie....I neither!
Just kidding they make an ADORABLE family....esp when Sam is in the photo!

Henry and Cooper....They make a great USC fan club!!!

The newly cousin Sarah and Jim LaBlanc! They are so sweet together! I am thrilled to be so close to these two! And Jim's red hair makes him fit right in!

More cupcake heaven anyone...yes, please!!!!!

Harriet Huiet, or "Cupid" as we call her, with precious Cooper! Cupid helped set Chris and I up. Her master plan, along with the help of my mother, was what ultimatly brought God's plan for Chris and I together! Mom's are really impressive when God is on their side!

Paulie and Harriet making a Cooper sandwich!

Is he not the sweetest thing in the world! This five year old was a trooper! He helped open presents, entertained babies, cheered on the Gamecocks and still lookes this ADORABLE at 9:45! IMPRESSIVE cousin SAM!!!! Auntie Nana did not look this good at 9:45!

I can't believe I was in this many photos...

My cousin Sarah and I. Yes they were three Sarah's at the party! And all Sarah T' less.
This would be Sarah Traynum, otherwise known as, Cooper's mom! Sorry Sarah, that is just how it is when you have cuties like Cooper!

And this would be Sarah Todd, the sister-in law, not to be confused with Sarah Todd, my cousin who is marrying Jim. This Sarah is better known as Sha Sha or Schnarie or Sam and Henry's mom. Again, Sarah that is just how it goes when you have those cuties!!! Also, we call this our Wimberly pose (it is all in the "cocking of the chin" and the " impression of the smile")....Wimbo, how did we do? I say it looks better when you do it! Although, we are some Hot Moms!

Mom's and their babies! How sweet!

WAIT...this is Ashley and MY baby! Oh well, she could pass for being Ashley's! How beautiful are these two redheads!!!!
Cooper and Steven cheering on the Gamecocks!

Along with all of the men! This would be the boyish part of the party I was talking about!!!

Ava loves her some Auntie Ruthie! Thanks for your help Ruth Anne!

Sam and Ava had their own dance party during game breaks! It was HILLARIOUS!!!! Sam is workin' it, don't you think!!! Those are some serious moves. I know for a fact that Andrew taught him this move in particular!!!!

The Sistas'...My brothers married the tall and the short of this bunch...we just needed a few more Todd boys to finish this family off. However, we are blessed to feel like we got the whole family as a package deal!

Ava has nothin' but love for Cooper!!! She gives him kisses all the time!

What a wonderful night! We are so blessed to have a big family to share in our joy. We look forward to the years of more celebrating!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's what we've been up too...

Well, the fact that I haven't blogged in, FOREVER should prove that it has been a crazy summer. Here are a few things that have been going on since I last posted.
First of all, there have been lots of Zoo trips!

This is Sarah, Sam Henry and Ava as the CRAZY zoo trip gets started! Notice Ava and Henry's faces!

Ava and Sam were ADORABLE! They walked everywhere hand in hand!

Do you think she liked the Carousel? This is her new excited face! I love it!!!!

I can't believe they are a year apart! They sure are cute aren't they!

We had a bunch of family in town for Grandpa Stirrat's funeral and even though the circumstance of there visit was unfortunate, it was nice to have so many family members getting to catch up after a long time of being apart. Chris's Cousin Nathan stayed with us for almost a month. So, by the time he left Ava thought he hung the moon. Everything "Natan" did she did! This is them dancing in the kitchen. So sweet!

Our nephew William is such a sweet heart!
Chris's cousin Cathy, Aunt Steph, and Aunt Sandy after eating dinner here one night.

Gradaddy Majure and Terri drove over from Alabama. It was nice to get to visit with them...they were a huge help too!

Lovey for grandaddy from Brianna!

My Cousin Luke and his wife Ashley made it to Columbia to show off they're new baby girl, Sadie! She is adorable! We had a great time getting to love on her and catch up with them!!!

Of course the boys have to get a bit of competition going on...nothing new!

Sadie was always ready for a picture! She is so precious!

We had such a good time visiting and we had an excuse to party!

Ava has become quite the climber these days. When ever she gets quite I know she is somewhere she should not be! Here she climbed up on the kitchen chair, with her "sippy", to "smell" the flowers. More like investigate the flowers!

Henry aka "Henster" turned ONE!!!! Here are some fun birthday pictures...

What a PRICELESS moment!

He loves cake....similar to his mommy!!!

We love you HENRY!!!

So, forgive me for not updating more frequently...but things are just starting to settle down. Keep checking the blog because Ava is turning two soon. (9-26-06) Keep mommy in your prayers on that note because I am too emotional these days about my BABY growing up!!!

Hope everyone had a great summer! XOXO,
The Majures