Monday, June 23, 2008

"Heaven on Fripp"

Family Fun at Fripp Island!!!
These are just a preview of the beach pictures... We had such a blast! Turns out Ava is a total beach babe!!!
The deer were amazing! They were everywhere and they would just walk right up and let you feed them! Ava yelled, "DEEEERRRR" everytime we were on the golf cart and she would see one.
Look at that sweet one....I could eat her up!

Ava giving "Gi Gi" some love!
This was the view from the golf course of our house. It was beautiful!
Sam was so photo ready on the beach...I was taking pictures like crazy!

We attempted to get some shots of the kids, together, in their matching whale outfits...those you will have to see later....
Daddy and Ava on a ride in the golf cart...

Ava and Henry chillin in the dunes...This is a great age! I am loving every minute of it!!!

Dance party in the foyer before heading to the pool!

More to come....

Monday, June 9, 2008

So Far This Summer...

The fun at the lake has begun!!!! Here are a few of the cute ones that, just begin, to express the JOY that is experienced at "Still Waters".
So far this summer ROCKS!!!
The kids love the "baby pool" that we put on the dock.
It provides good entertainment for them and us!

Henster in his "to cool for school" shot!

There are all kinds of fun things at the lake...everything is just better there...even the straws!

Alex and Eli are so impressive when it comes to their boating skills! They can hang on this for longer than any adult I know!!!

This is "Bliss" in the husband category. Chris and Andrew are always up for a little "Fish Jedi" practice...

Mom and Marvin had a wonderful time watching all the family, and all the choas!

Sweet Ella was ADORABLE! She is always, right there, just CHILLIN!

Alex was so STOKED when he caught a catfish! It was so exciting!!!!

Andrew and The Henster...Sarah's Bliss...

This is a shot of the "Dock of Happiness" from the boat. This dock has provided so much more enjoyment when we are all trying to get a little time on the water. Everyone seems to already have there "designated spot" that you can always find them in...kind of like your special pew at church...I guess...

Some shots of the BOYS...

My little Punkin eating her "foot choows" (fruit chews) in the "baby pool". You can image the concentration it took for her not to get them wet...

Even the Henster has his special spot on the dock!

Ava bathing herself in the "baby pool". This is not my version of clean...Chris on the other hand disagrees???? Seriously????

"My cup runneth over..."

I still don't understand how one could be so blessed. I will eternally be greatful!