Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"The Henster"

Our new nephew, Henry, came over today for me to love on him. And just an FYI my family is known for nick naming everyone! Ava is "Punkin puss" or "Mini Gina" or " Butterbean". Our nephew Sam is "Sambone" or "Samboneze". And the latest, is Henry or "the Henster". Not to be confused with Hampster. However, he is a cutie!!!!
While visiting he got a bath. He was so precious! Gotta love the days that the kitchen sink can literally wash everything!

His Mommy steals some bath time smooches!

I was impressed with how much he loved the water. Maybe it was because Sarah spend a ton of time pregnant at the lake!

One very clean and cozy baby!

Sarah and her 2nd little man!

I am so proud of how well my brother and his wife, my best friend , have transitioned into parents. Congratulations to the you both! It is a JOY to watch you raise your boys, in a Christian home, filled with love. Thank you for your influence.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleeping Beauty...and Waddles!

Notice waddles is between the legs...again! Waddles was given to Ava by her daddy. She has loved him since day 1. All the cute dolls and bunnies in her room and her favorite thing is a penguin!?* It is so funny how the poor penguin always suffers. She sucks on him, throws him around, sleeps with him between her legs, bites him and squeezes the life out of him...and yet, all she is doing is showing him her sweetest version of affection!
How cute is this?

Nothing but LOVE for Waddles...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cute Pics...

Here are some pictures from this month that I especially love...
Ava and her great Grandparents! She adores them!!!!
Princess Butterbean at 11 months...
Our new nephew Henry. Born 8/14/07!

Sleeping Beauty. Notice Waddles...she loves him so much!

Andrew and Sarah sharing some love 3 days before Henry was born.

Ava giving some love to her Auntie Ruth!

My two loves!!!

My hunk of burning love!!!

How cute is this...she loves to chill in the water!

Fred Huiet...he is so special to our family! He is also having a special birthday this week!

The new dock!!!!

We feel so blessed to finally have the new dock finished! It is a great place to relax and visit with friends and family. It has it all ... a place to sit in the shade, a boat lift, and a place above the boat lift to lay out (away from dogs and children). We are so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Henry Is Born!!!

We were so excited about Baby Henry!!! His mommy did great...and look at her... who looks this good right before delivery? Great Job Sarah!!!

The proud Mom...

Daddy and his little man...

The proud Auntie...Me!!!

Sarah Support Team..."SST"!!!

The proud Parents!

My Beautiful New Nephew...Henry Creswell Todd.
8 lbs. 21 in.

He is SOOO CUTE!!!!

Big Brother Sam seeing his new Baby brother! He is so in love! What a great looking family! Everyone feels so blessed to have Henry here safe and healthy!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dinner Time!!!!

Everyone in the family and friends, that might as well be family, came over the other night for dinner. We had such a blast that we are doing it again on Sunday!!!

A few of the pretty ladies...

Ava and her Aunties...

a few of the boys....

this is how Ava spent most of her time...

What is with the boys with their nasty feet out???? Fred looks like he has a claw foot! He He!

Steven, Sarah and see if you can find Peanut??? He/She is due March 2008.

David and Lilla having some love time! What a great couple!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend Bliss!!!

I like to call this the "Signature Series" lakehouse crowd. We have such a blast these days just hanging out, as a family, having summertime fun!

Here is my hunk of burning love! I love him and his muscle mania poses!

One hot mama! Ready to have a "baby Henry" on 8-15-07! I am so excited about my soon-to-be nephew. Hurry...Henry...Hurry!

Mrs. Briggs with her giving heart...she worked on a hand smocked, with pearls, dress for Ava while out visiting. We are very blessed to have someone so special in our lives.

Again, the muscle mania pose catches my attention and I am in love all over again!

Finally, our new dock is almost finished! It is AWESOME! God has blessed us in so many ways to have such a beautiful place to go and retreat to as a family. I never new how special of a place our lakehouse was until it became...our place of peace. My dad always got it...for him it was love a first sight. However, it took some of the rest of us (Me) awhile. But, it has truly lived up to it's name..."Still Waters". With a lot of love and some help from God, my parents took this place from a small little run down house, to a home where your sorrows and stress are washed away. Out there you can feel the REAL...Peace that Passes Understanding!

We now cling to the cheesy traditions that were created here. (ie. steaks on the grill, late night games, boat rides, stories on the dock, wet tired bodies draped over the couches...)
No, we have not brought back "Camp Toddy Woddy"! Thank God!
Thank you for this wonderful blessing!

The boat is so perfectly named "Forget about it!"

My brother David and his Lab Boone.

SUV central. When we all get there it is a task trying to get close to the house to unload the car.

My most valuable gifts! So perfect!!!! Look at those eyes. Who wouldn't fall in love with these two!

Punkin enjoying her new swing!

David showing those of us on the dock what he is made of on the wake board.

Lilla getting Boone to shake. He sure does love his momma!

Georgia and Sam. He adores "his girls"! He made Georgia swim with him the whole day. Ava loves her Georgia too! And Ashley wasn't far behind. She is another family fav!

Ahh....marital bliss! What more could a girl ask for?