Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Dolls...

My wonderful husband nicknamed his girls...Annadoll and Avadoll. Now we go by "The Dolls". It makes us both feel so special to have him call for us in such an endearing manner. I am so greatful to have such a strong, handsome, Christian leader that I can love on and cherish daily.

I love you baby! Thank you for being the answer to my prayers!



Friday, January 15, 2010

Update From Papa

Well, it has been a hectic 2 weeks of joys as well as challanges here. Christopher is doing very well- he is just the sweetest little fella one could ever want- sleeps & eats well, only cries when there's something wrong- tummy gas, hungry etc. He is a pure joy!! Anna has had a tough run, though, and Ava seems to be battling a minor but naggng cough. Last weekend, Anna's pain levels were increasing rather than subsiding- by last Sunday she was in agony. She went to the doctor on Monday as discovered that she had an internal infection right around her C-section incision. The following day, she was admittted to the hospital, where she stayed 2 days getting "gorrilla-grade" antibiotics. She's home know, but still in alot of pain, and her wound is real raw. Debbie & I are still very concerned-please pray that she recovers and beats this infection.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christopher A. Majure, Jr

Dear Family & Friends:

Anna and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our baby boy today at 1:01pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 oz., and 19 3/4 inches long. He has an amazing complexion/skin tone, and a good start on a full head of hair. His temperment is very good, and he had his eyes open, checking out Daddy and the world around him within an hour of being born. As the evidence bears witness, he's a fine looking fellow! The general concensus is that he looks like my Grandaddy Majure when he was a little boy. We are both so thankful to have a strong healthy baby- we had a little bit of worry when Ava was born 4 weeks premature, and had to be transported to the NIC unit downtown- no sign of that concern here! Praise be to God our Father for this heavenly gift of a son!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few to prove we are still alive....

Hospital Ball 2009
Markie (my grandmother) takes all of the "older" grandchildren to the Greenwood Hospital Ball every year. It is AWESOME! She basically says anyone who can come down will be covered....all you have to do is get here, dance, eat and have a good time. It is so cool to be able to get fixed up and hang out my brothers, cousins and ROCKIN grandma at such a exquisite party! Greenwood does a really impressive job of decorating and catering the ball, it is something we look forward to every year!
This would be the Rocking Grandma I was referring too!

This years theme was Monte Carlo...=TOTALLY COOL!

My cousin Matt and his sweetheart of a wife, Tayler. (Married in October 08)
Cute little newly weds huh?

I love this picture! Lilla, my sister- in- law, and my cousin Sarah Todd. (Soon to be LeBlanc)
Yes, there are 3 Sarahs in my family...2 of those are Sarah Todd's so it can get a bit confusing...

This would be me and Sarah Todd the sister- in- law.
Aka the two HOT mama's on the trip!

Alabama for Easter 09
We just got back from Alabama yesterday. We went up to visit Chris's family. Especially, his grandfather who has been recovering from a stroke. It was an extra special visit. It could not have been more fun! We were blessed to get grandaddy out of the rehab center for the day on Easter and we had a blast getting to see the aunts, uncles and cousins on that side. Chris's two cousins, Terri and Kimberly, have 10 kids between the two of them. They are all under the age of 15 and there are no twins. They are some of the most well behaved children that I have ever been around. I took notes I was so impressed! They are the perfect example of Godly parenting and a strong foundation in a home. It was a blast to get to hang out with everyone...and an experience that Ava thouroughly enjoyed....as you will see!
We stayed at Allen and Terri's house. They have 4 boys so you can only imagine how cool there toys are to our little princess. She had never even seen a trampoline before this trip. She played with every car, plane, and ball she could find. Not to mention the treehouse, sand table and two labs....the list goes on and on and on...
Thank you Hawkins family we really appreciate the hospitality! It will be tough to match!
This is Ava, the day we left, giving Mollydog kisses bye.
(Mollydog stayed with Sam and Henry. They took extra special care of her!)

These kids really know how to do the "crazy face" shot!

I think there were a total of four egg hunts.

Grandaddy has not spoken much since his stroke. However, on our first visit up to the rehab center he said to Ava, "I love your beautiful dress." It was so sweet and tender!
They shared a little "tea party" as he ate dinner. This is Ava saying, "...you like it grandaddy?"

It was so touching to see how entertained they were by each other.

Trips to the park
Our trips to the park have been frequent and with lots of different friends and family. We are so blessed to have so many great places to play on a pretty day!

This picture freaks me out because the munchkin in black is my princess Ava. The other little cutie is one of her best friends, named Molly. PEOPLE...these girls could be TWINS. I get asked that everytime they are together. Even people at their school confuse them all the time. It is crazy how closely they resemble one another. At the end of the day, to us it is double the cuteness!

Gigi (my mom) pushing Ava and Henry. Such a sweet moment! Ava cherishes ever bit of attention she gets from gigi, it is ADORABLE.

Ava and the lovable "Coopsy". They could swing in the hammock forever!

More great pictures that Terri took while we were visiting the BAMA...
In this shot Ava was supposed to be napping in the bed...apparently, she found my suitcase as a more appealing spot for rest. We went up to check on her and this is what we found...HILLARIOUS!

Easter Morning...

Terri made this bread from scratch...YUMMY!

My child got dirtier and dirtier as the day went on...she was just having to much fun to stop her and clean her up. By the end of the day she was an exhausted, mangeled hair, dirt covered princess!

Hope this somewhat fills everybody in on the last couple of months. We hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Thank you to all our Friends and Family that fill our lives with so much joy!